The cost of services provided by the Surrogate Motherhood Center of Kazakhstan "Bolashak"


 1  The contract amount for the selection of surrogate mother and her training to  the program


 2  The contract amount for egg donor recruitment and her training to the  program


 3  Amount of the contract between the client and the surrogate mother


 4  The cost of health insurance for a surrogate mother  *
 5  The cost of filing for a newborn  *
 6  Official registration of papers on the child, including the certificate on a birth of  the  child and all documents for the further departure limits of Kazakhstan, the  delivery  of the documents to


 7  Services provided by the clinic IVF:


 8  The contract amount for the implementation of the IVF program


 9  The amount of the contract for management of pregnancy and childbirth



* - the amount is negotiated individually


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